Welcome to Whare Aroha CARE; a safe place where people can live normal lives

Whare Aroha CARE provides a home for adults of all ages who are in need of care and compassion for the short, medium or long term in Rotorua.

In December 2016 we are opening an innovative CARE village on the shores of Lake Rotorua at Ngongotaha. Modelled on the acclaimed Dutch De Hogeweyk Dementia Village, our village will look like small New Zealand town, and people will be able to go about their lives had aging not impacted their lives.

People will live in 6-7 bedroom households and will be assisted to do what they can for themselves by the Whare Aroha CARE team. They will be able to visit the supermarket, cafe, hairdressers, community centre and lakeside promenade themselves and enjoy the company of friends, family and general public doing the same.

The Whare Aroha CARE Village will replicate as near a normal life as possible because the familiarity this provides is proven to provide comfort and security. It will be the first of its kind in Asia Pacific.

Until the end of the 2016, people will continue to live in our tastefully renovated homestead with leafy gardens and modern equipment. Here we have already transformed the way people are cared for – the CARE Village will further enhance the exceptional care we are known for.

Before making your decision, visit us to see how we CARE.


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